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Need to quickly and accurately
extract information from paper bank statements?
We are the service you are looking for.

Xaltia Data Services will convert your scanned bank statements into Excel ready for you to analyse.

When you need to accurately extract information from bank statements but don’t have the time, money or resources to do it yourself then Xaltia Data Services will take the strain.

Powered by Altia Solutions and utilising Investigation Toolkit we will do the processing for you!  You can be confident that our processing experts will ensure the results are produced quickly and accurately.  We will convert your stacks of scanned bank statements into accurate spreadsheets with no fuss.

You only pay for the statements you require to be processed.  There are no annual fees or hidden costs as we will tell you how much the cost will be before processing begins.

The process is simplicity itself; after registering you scan the paper bank statements and then send to us for processing. We will then open the files and check that they are suitable for processing and contact you using the details provided at registration and tell you how much it will cost.  Once agreed and payment has been made by credit card or bank transfer your files will be expertly processed, checked and returned to you within the agreed timescale.

At last an effective and efficient service to extract the information from bank statements from across the world that is affordable, time saving, accurate and simple.  You will no longer need to key your data into a spreadsheet.  Xaltia Data Services allows you to focus on the important work – the analysis of your data, not the processing.


Send us your bank statements

Once registered all you have to do is send us your scanned bank statements. The better the quality the better the price for you!

We will process them

Your bank statements will then be processed into Excel using our market-leading Investigation Toolkit software by one of our Toolkit experts.

And send back to you

We will send to you Excel files containing your processed bank statements saving you the time and cost of having to complete your own processing and ready for you to analyse.