Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common frequently asked questions and answers are listed below.  If your question is not answer then please contact us.

What is Xaltia Data Services?

Xaltia Data Services provides a service to quickly and efficiently convert scanned bank statements into consistently formatted and highly-accurate Excel files. We have utilised our Investigation Toolkit software suite to provide an alternative to you having to convert bank statements into Excel documents manually or by purchasing software.

How do I signup?

Complete our registration form and we will contact you to confirm your details.  Once your details are confirmed you can start sending us your statements.

I've registered. What happens next?

Once registered you can send your statements using our file transfer website. We will perform a pre-processing report so you know the cost and any issues we may have during processing. When a cost is agreed we will begin processing your statements. Once processing is complete, all data that was contained on the bank statement will have been entered into a fully formatted, error checked Excel spreadsheet ready for the investigator to analyse the information. We will then then send back to you the processed statements in Excel format along with a post-processing report.

Will you process any bank statement?

Our software will process statements from any major UK bank. For any other bank we will assess your statements first and let your know of any additional costs. We will not process your statements until we have confirmed a price with you.

Do I need to buy any software?

No. We offer a service to process your bank statements into Excel. You are not paying for software, just our wonderful service.

How can I ensure the best processing results and cost?

  • Multi page TIF format
  • Black & White
  • 300 dpi
  • CCITT G3 or G4 compression

Images may also be supplied as Adobe PDF format files (Black and White, 300 DPI) but this may decrease the overall accuracy of processing due to the type of compression applied within the PDF file. We therefore strongly recommend configuring your scanner for multi-page TIF format if possible.

Will my processed statements be error free?

Unfortunately depending on the quality of the statement there may be processing errors. We will cross check the account balances at the end of the statements if we are able to but there may be some OCR errors that we cannot resolve.

Is this service right for me?

If you want a quick, simple and accurate way for your bank statement to be processed then yes. And we only charge for the statements that we process. However, if you are going to be consistently processing a large amount of statements then purchasing our Investigation Toolkit software may be a better option.

How secure are my files?

You will send your files to us in an encrypted zip file that will be password protected and will be received by a secure email account. Only our Investigation Toolkit processors will have access to your statements and it will be removed from our systems once we send you back your processed Excel file which will be in a encrypted password protected zip file.  It is your responsibility to ensure that whatever encryption process is used to secure access to the information meets your own security standards.

How do I zip and password protect my files?

We recommend that you use 7-Zip to zip and password protect your files.  Details on how to use 7-Zip can be found on their website. We recommend using AES-256 encryption on the generated ZIP files.

How do I make a payment?

Payment can be made either by bank transfer or credit card payment by telephone.

My bank statements have now been processed into Excel. What now?

Need to interrogate and probe your transactional data? Then look not further than our Financial Analysis Toolbar.