Pre-processing set up costs

These will be applied when we are required to modify the scanned statements that you send to us and will be dependant on the number of accounts. The pre-processing costs will be applied in the following circumstances:

  • Two or more bank statements are included in one scan file
  • Bank statement pages are not in numerical or date order in the scan file
  • The scan quality is such that a significant effort will be required from us to prepare your scanned document for processing.

In all cases we will confirm with you that the cost is acceptable before we begin processing. For more information on how to keep your costs as low as possible visit our FAQ.


Accounts Cost
2 – 10 £50.00
11 – 20 £75.00
> 21 £100.00

Processing costs

Our processing costs vary dependant on the type of statements you supply.  Please note for non-UK bank statements there may be a 50% – 100% surcharge dependant on the statement format and language.

TIFF file

Black & White
@ 300 dpi
Any other
scan quality
1 – 100 pages £0.70 per page £1.00 per page
>100 pages £0.50 per page £0.70 per page

PDF file

Up to 10% errors Up to 20% errors Up to 30% errors
1 – 100 pages £1.00 per page £1.50 per page £2.00 per page
>100 pages £0.70 per page £1.00 per page £1.50 per page

Barclays Bank

Electronic Non-electronic
1 – 100 pages £0.70 per page £1.50 per page
>100 pages £0.50 per page £1.50 per page

Contact us to receive a quote if you have a financial statement to be processed. We can only give an exact price after you register and have sent all financial statements to be assessed. If you send a representative example of your financial statements we can only give a general quote. The general quote may change once we have full visibility of all your financial statements.  We will not begin processing your statements until a cost has been agreed and payment has been made.  Payment can be made either by bank transfer or credit card payment by telephone.